Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ACK ACK ACK #2 in the works. Really!

After much hemming and hawing, and talking about it and talking about it, the second issue of Ack Ack Ack is in the works. In fact, in 2009 I intend to put out about four new issues. Why the hell not?!? I have over ten years of material sitting in negative sleeves on the top shelf in my work space closet. So get ready. For now, here are three shots of Cut The Shit that are NOT going to be in the new issue. The only reason is space is limited. Other than that... Enjoy and keep checking back for updates and more peaks of shots that didn't make the final cut in the upcoming issue.

These three shots were from their last show at the Smell in 2004.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

still here... i think

Made some letter pressed posters for the upcoming issue of Ack Ack Ack. Also, the full on zine I've been working on is still happening. Getting content for it still, as well as working on the already aquired stuff. No idea on earth if anyone reads this shit, or just me. But yeah, stay tuned...