Sunday, October 31, 2010

Update on ACK ACK ACK #3....

About half way finished with putting together issue #3 of ACK ACK ACK. As it stands now, the photos of the bands that are already placed in this issue are: SPAZZ, DIE MONITOR BATSS, GOGOGO AIRHEART, AND E.T.A.. I have a few more bands to add, obviously. This next week will be spent choosing and scanning images of the yet to be decided bands. I'm thinking of including the Oath, Behead The Prophet NLSL, Red Dons, and/or Limp Wrist. Maybe Life's Halt? Or Paintbox?

For now, here's a couple of GoGoGo Airheart photos that didn't make this issue. And it's not that I think any less of these images. In fact, I really like them. It's just a matter of space... And for the story on these photos; These were shot at the eviction party for Three-One-G on April 13, 2002. A lot of bands played that night. Of the ones I was able to see, I was most impressed by these guys.

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